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(no subject)

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May. 22nd, 2011 | 11:08 am

I've been really stressed lately. Josh's dad is wanting us out, but we really don't have the means to do it. I've been filling out app after app trying to find a job, and Josh only works @ KFC for 15-17 hours a week. We really need some help. I can tell the stress is getting to Josh, but i wish he wouldn't take it out on me. Sometimes the things he says are so hurtful. I'm afraid me and Riley are going to be shipped back off to WV with or without Josh and i don't like the idea of it at all expecially if Josh doesn't come back with us. We have been fighting alot more lately, but i still love him with all my heart and couldn't bare to be away from him that long. Please Dear God give us a break

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